Should You Consider a White Label Ticketing Solution?

Should You Consider a White Label Ticketing Solution?

What Is White Label Ticketing?

White Label Ticketing is the ability to offer a ticketing solution or box office system to your clients under your own branding. With White Label Ticketing, the users of the ticketing system – both the box office users and the ticket buyers – see only your logo, not the logo or branding of the ticketing software vendor.

White Label Ticketing” is also sometimes referred to a “Private Label Ticketing”

Who Would Want a White Label Ticketing Solution?

A White Label ticketing solution is ideal for venues who rent their space to other organizations. In many cases, as part of the rental, the venue wishes to provide (or in some cases, require the renting organization to use) the venue’s own ticketing system.

A White Label ticketing platform also appeals to organizations who provide related services and wish to expand their offerings.  For example, if you provide services or products to performing arts groups, schools, colleges or any other organizations putting on events, being able to also offer a ticketing system under your own branding enables you to look after more of your clients’ needs.

So, if you currently provide products or services such as set design, choreography, music, speaker scheduling, musical rights, or venue rental, your clients may appreciate you offering them a ticketing solution.

Who Would Not Want a White Label Ticketing Solution?

If you are an Event Producer – e.g. a school, college, community theatre, or dance studio, and need a ticketing system for your own events only, there is no real need for you to have a white label ticketing solution. A white label platform is more useful to organizations who wish to provide a ticketing solution to other organizations under their own branding.

Who Provides White Label Ticketing Solutions?

TicketPeak provides a white label version of our ticketing and box office software. There are a handful of other vendors that can be found by doing a Google search for “white label ticketing solution”.


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