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What does success look like for community theater companies? Is it sold out shows or subscription sell-outs? Does it come in the form of government grants and substantial donor contributions? Or is it simply the ability to say that you have produced a performing art piece of considerable quality?

So, how do you define success?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines success as the following:

  1. the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame;
  2. the correct or desired result of an attempt; and
  3. someone or something that is successful: a person or thing that succeeds.

While these are all completely valid definitions, I particularly like point 2; success is all about achieving a desired result or better yet, meeting goals.

Community Theater Dinner Theater High School Theater Just Interesting

Hang on to your hats, because this Instagram account takes custom hashtags to a whole new level! Meet the @oncemusical Instagram account; this account isn’t for an established performing arts venue (such as @metopera) or dance troupe (like @balletboyz)…it’s for a specific production!


While I don’t suggest that community theaters set up a production-specific account for their upcoming season, @oncemusical has really outdone themselves when it comes to using custom hashtags. These hashtags aren’t overly complicated or elaborate but they accomplish their main goal just the same – intrigue and engage their followers!

Community Theater High School Theater Just Interesting

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We’re back with another performing arts Instagram profile that’s taking giant jetés forward in their use of social media and (perhaps most importantly) re-thinking and redefining the way in which we think about partnering in dance.


Meet the Balletboyz! This award-winning, all-male dance company is based in Kingston upon Thames, England and was founded in 2001 by Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt. Balletboyz is a registered charity, which is supported primarily by independent donations and national funding. In addition to their commitment to redefining common notions about the way classical dance looks Balletboyz is dedicated to dance education, which is clearly shown through their abundant offerings of workshops, classes and community outreach activities.

Let’s take a closer look at their account!

Community Theater Dinner Theater High School Theater Just Interesting

Looking for more social media tips? Check out our latest post here that shares 7 of them!

Unfortunately, opera has the tendency to be viewed as an uppity affair for the well-to-do and stuffy aging concert-goers. Of course, this isn’t true in the slightest! The social media strategists over at the Metropolitan Opera are really doing a fabulous job with bringing the operatic arts to the masses and appealing to a more youthful demographic.


As I previously mentioned, Instagram provides performing arts organizations with a fantastic outlet for showing off their creative prowess and reaching out to new potential audience members. The beauty of Instagram is that you don’t have to post every day – in fact, once a week might be just what your account needs! The news feed for this social media platform is pretty laid back so this gives you ample space to focus on creating the highest quality content to your followers.

Community Theater Dinner Theater High School Theater Just Interesting

Once again, the secondary ticketing market is causing problems for true fans and music lovers around the globe. Of course, the nature of supply and demand will often leave would-be concertgoers disappointed when they can’t secure tickets to their favorite act; however, it’s an entirely different matter when purchased tickets become re-released into secondary ticketing markets only moments after the show is announced as “sold out.”

CC Image by Quinn Dombrowski
Image via Quinn Dombrowski

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On the hunt for an incredible online ticketing system that offers your performing arts organization all of the features that you need at a price that you can afford? Look no further – we’re here to help!

CC Image by Matt Smith
Image via Matt Smith

This is our third instalment in a review of online ticketing systems. So far we’ve taken a look at Eventbrite and Brown Paper Tickets. Today we’ll be taking a closer look at Vendini’s all-in-one solution, as well as a few key points to ponder when considering this particular ticketing system.

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On February 24th, the U.K. Government took important steps towards protecting the rights of consumers wishing to purchase event tickets through secondary ticketing markets, such as StubHub, Viagogo and Seatwave. In the hopes of protecting fans from fraud (and discouraging scalpers from buying tickets in bulk) the House of Lords and House of Commons have come to an agreement for a ticket re-sale policy amendments made to the consumer rights bill tabled by Conservative peer, Lord Moynihan.

CC Image by Maurice
Image via Maurice

Just Interesting Ticketing Technology

If you’ve been following along with our blog, you might remember a few of our posts from July of last year regarding the much-debated Class Action Settlement, Curt Schlesinger et al. v. Ticketmaster. If not, here are links to our previous posts covering this important ticketing concern:

CC Image by Brian Turner
Image via Brian Turner

We thought that it was about time to check in on the settlement and see how the case is progressing. The final approval hearing was scheduled for January 13, 2015 at the Los Angeles Superior Court; however, Judge Kenneth R. Freeman did not rule on the settlement. As far as we can tell, this was a rather unexpected turn of events as it was expected that this hearing would mark the end of this long and tedious settlement.

Just Interesting Ticketing Technology