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What Makes a Good Choice for a High School Musical?

Have you been blessed with the daunting task of selecting a musical for your high school? Fear not – help is on the way! We know that making this decision is tricky and time consuming, so we’ve put together a helpful list of things to consider when weighing your options, as well as our own top choices.

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CC Image by Nic McPhee
CC Image by Nic McPhee

Why Should Your High School Produce a One-Act Play?

There are a number of advantages to producing one-act plays for any theatre company, but they’re especially appealing to high school theatre troupes. Here are the top three reasons that your high school should consider producing a one-act play:

  1. Simplicity. This is probably the best thing about one-act plays – they are written with simplicity in mind. Minimal sets, limited technical demands, and clear and concise story telling are the key components of most one-act plays. These are all wonderful attributes for high schools that may have limited resources and less experienced actors and stagehands.
  2. There are many, many one-act plays that feature large casts. Large-cast plays are great for high school theatre troupes because there are lots of roles, and the action is spread amongst the entire company (rather than being carried by a few leads).
  3. One-act plays are great for competitions. There are a number of competitions for student actors. One-act plays make excellent entries if your theatre troupe is interested in these competitions!

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CC Image by Jennifer
CC Image by Jennifer

There are few things more satisfying than being able to proudly say that your most recent high school theatre production was a fully sold-out show. This holds true for all your production cast and crew; everyone loves to be a part of something that was well received and popular enough that there were no empty seats or spare tickets to be had!

Ken Davenport, Tony Award-Winning Broadway Producer and blogger at The Producer’s Perspective, posted a list of the Top 10 Most Performed Plays & Musicals in High Schools as curated by the lovely people at Educational Theatre Association. While this list is from 2010, the ETA folks put together an annual list that might be something to look into when choosing your upcoming season.

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