Social Media for Your Performing Arts Marketing Plan – Part Five: Pinterest

Visual social networking platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, are often overlooked by companies and brands. These platforms are relatively new (compared to Twitter and Facebook) and marketers are just beginning to realize the full effects of targeted visual social media marketing.  Companies and organizations choose to use these platforms because they provide an excellent vehicle of communication for visual industries, such as food, beauty, lifestyle, fashion and the performing arts.

CC Image by mkhmarketing
CC Image by mkhmarketing

Why should I include Pinterest in my performing arts marketing plan?

Pinterest has proven to be incredibly effective at reaching a young, urban demographic. This is great news for performing arts groups because this particular demographic has a lifetime ahead of them to develop a love and appreciation for the performing arts.

Dance companies, theater troupes and musical theater organizations are beginning to harness the power of sharing their strong visual images as a promotional tool for their organization and events! The best thing about Pinterest is that pins aren’t just images, they are also links to your related content such as your organization’s website, blog posts, and upcoming events.

Three Best Practice Tips for Pinterest

  1. CC Image by mkhmarketing
    CC Image by mkhmarketing

    Create a verified Pinterest account. This is very easy to do and instills trust in your followers. Users that see the checkmark next to your company’s URL on your Pinterest profile are more likely to view and follow your boards because that little checkmark confirms that your account is the “real deal”.

  2. Be fancy! Create rich pins for your content. Rich pins add more detail and stand out from the regular pins in Pinterest streams. They provide a clean title and ensure that your information doesn’t get changed or removed from the comment field as the pin is shared.
  3. Make your organization’s website Pinterest friendly. If at all possible, optimize your performing arts organization’s website and/or blog to make it easier for visitors to follow you and re-pin your content. There are a number of ways to do this; here is a great resource written by Cynthia Sanchez of Oh So Pinteresting.

With over 2.5 billion page views each month, Pinterest is quickly establishing itself as the up-and-coming social media network. Conversion rates for Pinterest traffic have been reported to be 50 percent higher than the conversion rates from other traffic sources (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Remember that a picture says a thousand words – Pinterest should absolutely be a contender when you are considering social media platforms for your performing arts marketing plan!

TicketPeak is on Pinterest!
TicketPeak is on Pinterest!

Don’t forget to check out TicketPeak’s Pinterest profile  for inspiration on all things musical theater!

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