Social Media Marketing for Community Theaters: Instagram and the NEW Carousel Ads

Social Media Marketing for Community Theaters: Instagram and the NEW Carousel Ads

Exciting things are happening in the world of social media networks, specifically with Instagram. So far, we’ve spent less time focused on the benefits and uses of Instagram but things are about to get much more interesting with this network and could change the way in which performing arts organizations use this particular social media network.

CC Image by Brent Ozar
Image via Brent Ozar


Very recently, Instagram unveiled its new form of advertising – the clickable carousel advertisement. No big deal? Wrong! There are two big new factors coming into play with this network:

  1. One “post” can contain multiple photos. Never before has a post been allowed to contain multiple photos! Posts have always been one-offs or videos. Now, advertising brands will be able to tell strong visual stories with scrolling photos, or ‘carousel ads’.
  2. The carousel ads will also allow clickable URLs. Unlike other social media networks, in its five years of existence Instagram has never allowed clickable URLs. This has helped with the cohesive feeling of the network, but has also forced brands with an Insta-presence to focus on brand awareness rather than inundate its followers with sales pitches.

“With a direct link, brands with significant Instagram followers will see site traffic and conversion rates increase because they have given captivated fans a simple way to get to their product pages, making purchasing easy.” – Leah Spector, Social Media Marketer at Bigcommerce

What do these changes mean for performing arts organizations? Frankly, I think that this will be the beginning of something absolutely wonderful for performing arts organizations on Instagram for the simple reason that they are extremely visually driven businesses. These Instagram carousel ads will allow advertising organizations to tell incredibly strong visual stories AND link to their website for users to learn more. In terms of brand awareness, this could be a huge step in a new (and very interesting) direction.

Stay tuned for our follow-up article showcasing the power of Instagram and 3 top tips to get your Instagram account off the ground.



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