Social Media Strategies for Community Theaters: @Balletboyz Jeté to Instagram Success

Social Media Strategies for Community Theaters: @Balletboyz Jeté to Instagram Success

Looking for more social media tips? Check out our latest post here that shares 7 of them!We’re back with another performing arts Instagram profile that’s taking giant jetés forward in their use of social media and (perhaps most importantly) re-thinking and redefining the way in which we think about partnering in dance.


Meet the Balletboyz! This award-winning, all-male dance company is based in Kingston upon Thames, England and was founded in 2001 by Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt. Balletboyz is a registered charity, which is supported primarily by independent donations and national funding. In addition to their commitment to redefining common notions about the way classical dance looks Balletboyz is dedicated to dance education, which is clearly shown through their abundant offerings of workshops, classes and community outreach activities.

Let’s take a closer look at their account!


Instagram Account Statistics

  • Username: @balletboyz
  • Posts: 919
  • Followers: 5,974
  • Following: 42

Boyz – They Want to Have Fun!

Cyndi Lauper got it wrong – the “boyz” want to have fun too! And by the looks of the @balletboyz account, it looks like they do. @balletboyz do a great job of sharing photos of their company dancers enjoying the beach, jet-setting during their tour travels and down-time during photo-shoots.

Photo by @balletboyz
Photo by @balletboyz

These types of shots give their followers a more personal connection to the dancers and company because they are showing their human side. There is absolutely no doubt that the @balletboyz company is made up of extraordinary dancers…but those dancers are also people who enjoy living life outside of the studio, so why not show this also?!

A Picture Says 1,000 Words

A quick scan through the copious amount of posts on the @balletboyz Instagram account immediately reveals that they are highly committed to consistently posting gorgeous, high quality photos. Simply put – their photos are absolutely gorgeous. They have a stunning array of beautiful black and white shots that capture light and movement in the most incredible way.

Photo by @balletboyz
Photo by @balletboyz

Of course, their color shots are also equally captivating…

Photo by @balletboyz
Photo by @balletboyz

Their commitment to posting quality photos is very evident and should be used as inspiration for other performing arts organizations. These are the types of photos that gain loyal followers and enthusiastic fans!

If a Picture Says 1,000 Words, What Does a Video Say?

The @balletboyz Instagram account has an ample amount of video clips from performances, rehearsals, and snippets from promotional materials as well as the making of those promotional materials. Videos are a great way to add a little extra oomph to your posts and further engage followers and future audience members.

Video by @balletboyz
Click here to view this video by @balletboyz

Think of it this way: if your videos of rehearsals are exciting and interesting, you’re more likely to draw in potential audience members that want to see even more. These videos act like a little tease for the main event – the full production!

Stay tuned for a closer look at some absolutely incredible Instagram accounts by performing arts organization that are making a phenomenal impact… you might even come across an idea that helps boost your community theater’s social media strategies!



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