Strategies for your Performing Arts Marketing Plan: Takeaways From #TDThanksYou

As a follow-up to our previous post about Social Media Campaign Strategies for your Performing Arts Marketing Plan, we’ve decided to spotlight an effective social media campaign initiative by TD Canada Trust – #TDThanksYou. While TD Canada Trust isn’t a performing arts organization, there are a few key points that can be used as takeaways and serve as inspiration for your own campaign.Let’s begin by taking a look at the official #TDThanksYou video:[youtube]There are three key ingredients to this campaign: surprise, personalization and human emotion. Let’s take a closer look at these elements to better understand why they work.


CC Image by Tetsumo
CC Image by Tetsumo

Most people enjoy surprises. Some people don’t, but I’m willing to bet that everyone would welcome a surprise trip to Disneyland or $1000 for your child’s education fund. #TDThanksYou tapped into the power of surprise in order to access one of the other key ingredients in this campaign: genuine human emotion (more on that later).

In addition to the Automated Thanking Machine, at precisely 2pm on July 25th 20,000 bank employees distributed $20 bills in green envelopes to customers in more than 1,100 TD branches across Canada. This really gave the campaign a massive kick-start in social media presence and visibility.

Make It Personal

You’ll notice that the Automated Thanking Machine greeted the customers by name. This initiative took a lot of planning and work to identify deserving customers and give personalized gifts. Knowing the customer’s story and determining appropriate gifts were truly integral in this campaign. Once again, this ingredient was used to access genuine human emotion.

CC Image by Tania Cataldo
CC Image by Tania Cataldo

Power of Emotion

Perhaps the most powerful of all the ingredients, genuine human emotion was the central element in this campaign. One doesn’t normally associate banking with human connection and communication, so TD Canada Trust made a clever decision by revealing real human stories and emotions as the key element. This “feel-good” video and movement can be expected to strengthen strong relationships with current customers, as well as entice unhappy customers of competing banks.

Three More Great Things About the #TDThanksYou Campaign:

  • An official website,, devoted specifically to the campaign.
  • A custom hashtag that is clear, easy to remember and frequently used.
  • Easy-to-use embedded Tweet and Facebook Post buttons that automatically include the custom hashtag and a link to the official campaign website

It’s important to remember that one successful social media campaign doesn’t make or break a brand, but brand consistency (or inconsistency) will. In the case of TD Canada Trust, the company has consistently and deliberately focused on delighting their customers, which has helped them earn top honors for nine consecutive years in the Best Banking Awards for Customer Service Excellence.

There are many options and possible routes to take when it comes to dreaming up a social media campaign strategies for your performing arts marketing plan. In the coming weeks we will look at a few more successful campaigns to help you get those creative juices flowing!

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