Subscriptions – Transcript

Hey there, this is Jannah at TicketPeak, and today I’m going to walk you through the subscriptions feature that TicketPeak offers. So to get started, you’ll see on your dashboard you can go to subscriptions. And our subscriptions, a lot of our clients use them for their performances and their events. For example, you could choose … if you have five different shows that you’re doing through your organization, you could do the first Friday of all of those different events. You could also offer a weekend pass if it’s just one show that you’re trying to sell tickets for. Parents could have a specific subscription as well as for the whole year, an opening night pass. There’s a lot of different options that you could choose from.

So to create a subscription, you’re going to go to add new subscription, and I’m going to call this one just a test subscription just for demonstration purposes. And you can add a description, and that was the name. You can add a description. I’m going to choose a couple of eligible events. So I’m going to do this one and this one. And then you can choose a price type, so I can do general admission and a student price for the subscription. You can also choose a photo for the description page if you’d like to. And then if you’ve previously created promotions or service fees, you could apply those right there. So we’re going to go ahead and save the subscription. And there it is. And that is how you create a subscription.