These New Musicals Should be in Your Spotify – ASAP!

These New Musicals Should be in Your Spotify – ASAP!

There’s no harm in listening to Broadway’s greatest hits on repeat. If you’re looking to expand your library though, you definitely need to be listening to the new stuff happening on and off Broadway! We’ve taken the time to pull a few of our favorites – give these new musical soundtracks a try. They are sure to boost your spirits, update your playlist, and keep you connected to what’s happening in the musical theatre world today:

The Prom

A new musical about the
hardships of high school and the bravery of love. The
music is modern, sometimes upbeat and sometimes thoughtful. The songs encompass
Emma’s journey as she tries to find acceptance in the face of adversity because
she loves another girl.


This folksy, unique musical
took the Tony Awards by storm this year. Anaiis Mitchell writes an incredible
score to tell the updated story of the Greeks – specifically Orpheus, Eurydice,
Persephone, and Hades. The sound is unlike most things on Broadway – if you
loved Natasha, Pierre, and the Great
Comet of 1812
, you’ll love this.

We are the Tigers

An off-Broadway production,
this show is a cheerleading musical with a dash of murder. The score is edgy
and definitely modern, reminiscent of something like Heathers or Carrie.

The Cleopatra Experience

This Egyptian queen’s tale
is taken for a risque ride. The show appeared off-Broadway and thrilled
audiences with its EDM/Pop score, headlined by rising star, NYA. Before its
close, the production was said to be seductive, haunting, and full of spectacle.

Come From Away

This musical isn’t quite as
new, but it sometimes slips through the cracks – it definitely should not!
Following the immediate aftermath of 9/11 and the planes that were rerouted
after the attacks, this musical is based on the true story of what happened
when 7,000 travelers were stranded in Gander, Newfoundland. You’re sure to fall
in love with the bluesy, raw sound that caught Broadway by surprise.

The Band’s Visit 

Another unique presence on
the Broadway stage, The Band’s Visit
is an entrancing score, heavily influenced by Middle Eastern style music and
instruments. The songs cover a wide variety of styles from group instrumental
moments to captivating ballads.

These are just a few of the options on the modern Broadway stage. If you’re looking for more recommendations, check out the list of 2019’s Tony Nominees and give those scores a try, too! Don’t be afraid to branch out Off-Broadway, also. There are lots of hidden gems in store – you can even find new music by googling “shows currently running Off-Broadway” and you’ll get a list of cool options. There is so much new theatre to explore, and while the oldies are certainly still goodies, give your playlist a little update.
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(And hey, If you’re burnt out on musical theatre scores, but you want to stay connected to the scene, consider one of these 5 musical theatre podcasts!)

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