These Six Secrets Will Make Your Event Seating Software Amazing

Secrets to Event Seating SoftwareIf you are looking for event seating software to manage your online ticket sales, here are six capabilities you will want to include in your requirements1. Seat pricing flexibility

You want to be able to give any seat any price.  You want to be able to easily price premium seats higher.  Customers appreciate the ability to purchase better seats, and this drives better margins for you.

2. Price category flexibility

The event seating software you choose should enable multiple price categories – for example Adult, Student, Senior.  Patrons should be able to choose their seats and indicate the pricing category of the ticket.

3. Ability to see the entire seating plan

Your event seating software should enable your patrons to see the entire seating layout and where the seats are relative to the stage, so they can select the ones they want. If your venue is large – e.g. more than 1500 seats, you should be able to display the venue in sections, and allow people to choose a section, then choose their seats within the section.

4. Color code the seats by price

The software should clearly display the different prices for different sections of the seating layout, so customers can quickly and easily see where the premium seats are and what they are priced at.

5. Promotion capability

You would want the ability to offer promotions via promotion codes. You may want to offer promotions to certain groups, or discounted tickets to performers. You may also want the ability to have automatic discounts apply for certain quantities.

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6. Subscriptions and Flex Passes

If you are putting on events regularly, your event seating software should offer the ability for patrons to purchase subscriptions and be able to choose the seats they will have for all the events that comprise the subscriptions.  They should be able to have the same seats for all events.



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