Three Questions to Ask when Considering Brown Paper Tickets Alternatives

Three Questions to Ask when Considering Brown Paper Tickets Alternatives

Brown Paper Tickets AlternativesBrown Paper Tickets is a leading ticketing system used by thousands of organizations putting on events. The system is generally well-liked by their clients for several reasons:They are one of the few ticketing software companies that provide 24 x 7 support to ticket buyers – as opposed to supporting ticket sellers only. They donate a portion of their fees to charities. And, at $0.99 plus 3.5% of the ticket price, they are reasonably priced for credit card transactions.When to Consider Brown Paper Ticket Alternatives

However, like any product or service, they are not the best fit for all situations, leading some event producers to consider alternatives. The fee, while reasonable for a credit card ticket purchase, is high for a box office cash sale, where there is no credit card fee involved. Some event producers prefer to not force their ticket buyers to choose a charity. It is yet one more click the ticket buyer needs to go through before completing their ticket purchase. We have also heard that the ticket buying experience when a customer is purchasing reserved seats at different price categories (e.g. adult, child) can be cumbersome.

Three Questions

We suggest considering 3 important questions when considering alternatives to Brown Paper Tickets:

1) Do you require the ticketing company to provide support to your ticket buyers?
Most ticketing software vendors provide support to you – the event producer – but not to the end customers – the ticket buyers. In most cases that is quite fine as event producers may want to be the point of contact with their ticket buyers. However, if you want the ticketing software company to be the interface with your customers, ensure you ask the Brown Paper Tickets alternatives you are considering whether or not they provide that service.

2) Are some of your events reserved seating events?
Most ticketing systems handle general admission events only. Few handle reserved seating, as it is far more complex. If you will be producing reserved seating events, ensure the system can handle that.

3) Are your customers comfortable printing tickets at home?
You will likely find that most Brown Paper Tickets alternatives are set up to email the tickets to the ticket buyers. The ticket buyers then print them at home and bring them to the event. Brown Paper Tickets, on the other hand, provides a service wherein they will mail hardcopy tickets to the customers.  Nowadays most event producers prefer not to mail hardcopy tickets and try to minimize the amount of will call purchases in order to streamline the box office. However if you do require that service, again, that would be an important question to ask the vendors you are considering is alternatives to Brown Paper Tickets.



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