Three Things to Consider when Considering Eventbrite Alternatives

Three Things to Consider when Considering Eventbrite Alternatives

Eventbrite has emerged as one of the most prominent and most used online self-service ticketing systems. The system is well-designed; it is packed with features; the user interface is good; and they have been around a long time.However, they are quite expensive for event organizers, and like any system, they do not meet the needs of all event organizers.  There are great Eventbrite alternatives out there that can save you and your ticket buyers’ money and may better meet your particular requirements. This post discusses situations where event organizers may want to consider alternatives and suggests a few to consider.

Do You have a Limited Budget?

Another factor that would drive you to consider Eventbrite alternatives is cost.  Their fee is $1.59 per ticket plus 3.5% of the ticket value.  So, if your tickets are, say $20, and you sell 500 tickets to the event, your cost is $1,145 for that event.  If you have that event on five different dates, your cost is $5,725.

Some may say, well, the ticket buyer is paying for that, so it does not really cost the event organizer anything. That is not true. Whether or not your ticket buyers are paying it directly, it is a real cost. Most ticketing systems let you pass on the cost to the ticket buyer. TicketPeak enables you to pass on whatever amount you wish – more than the ticketing cost, if you wish. We also recently published a post summarizing some research we did where ticket buyers expressed their strong negative views on service fees: Seven Things Customers Hate about an Online Ticket Solution.

Besides TicketPeak ($0.50 + 1.5% for non-profit organizations), another lower cost system to consider is EventSpot, by Constant Contact. They actually do not charge per ticket. Rather they charge a monthly fee based on the number of events you produce per month.

Do You Have Multiple Dates and Multiple Events at the Same Venue?

If you are a community theatre, for example running many different shows at the same venue, or have many different dates of the same show, there are Eventbrite ticketing alternatives that may better fit your needs. You would want to set up (name, address, etc) the venue once, then have it available to use for all events.  Similarly, if you have a show on multiple dates, you would want to be able to set up the show once in your system, then just specify the dates and times.

Many Eventbrite alternatives – like the systems already mentioned above – allow you to do this more easily.  With some of these systems, for example, you set up the venue once, then it is available to you in a dropdown every time you create an event.


To wrap up, if you wish to sell assigned seating tickets, you will need to consider choosing an Eventbrite alternative. Also,if you have a limited budget and you are selling tickets for many events, there are many systems available to meet your needs at a lower cost.  A simple google search for “automate event ticketing” or “low cost ticketing system” or something similar will present many options.



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