Ticketing Management for High Schools: Before and After Automation

Ticketing Management for High Schools: Before and After Automation

Managing tickets for high schools impacts everyone from teachers and other staff to parents and students. From a sense of professionalism to added convenience, there are numerous benefits that can be obtained by implementing an automated ticketing system that the story below illustrates what happens Before and After Automation using ticketing software.

Ticket Management for a High School Event before Automation

John is a typical high school student, and has a small role in the Spring musical. His teacher has sent him home with a ticket order form and, as usual, John has forgotten to give the order form to his parents. It is now just three days before the event and John’s parents had very much wanted to go. John vaguely remembers being given a form or something to fill out, but he has other things on his mind and the form has long been lost.

John’s parents now must call the school to ask how they can buy tickets. They learn that they can purchase tickets in the cafeteria but only during lunch period. This is quite a hassle for John’s mom who works hard at an office downtown. She must now sacrifice her lunch break driving first to the bank to withdraw some cash and then to the school.

The cafeteria is filled with raucous high school students who eventually tell her where to find the tickets. She finally buys her tickets from parent volunteers and fights back through the midday traffic to her office on an empty stomach, only to arrive back late for work.

The tickets look homemade if their unprofessional appearance is anything to go by. As all of the tickets are general admission, John’s family has to arrive to the event an hour early in order to find good seats. Unfortunately for John’s parents, they arrive a little too late and are stuck at the back of the room for the entire event.

Tipping Point Reached

John’s school has received many complaints from parents about how the high school manages event ticketing the old fashioned way. Some parents missed the event entirely as their kids forgot to give them the ticket order. Others waited for too long in line, and some could not get decent seats.

The head of drama for the school is embarrassed that the school is not projecting a more professional image when it comes to ticketing for the school events. Finally, the staff have decided that there must be a better method of ticketing management for high schools and have decided to try an automated system. They did some research, identified their needs and signed up to use a low-cost bt professional ticketing system.

After Ticketing Automation

Now, the next event at the school is soon to take place. This time, parents are informed that they can buy reserved seating tickets online for which they can pay by credit card. The parents select their seats online, pay, and print out the professional looking tickets at home and bring them along to the event.

They arrive at the event, are shown their seats, and enjoy the event.


The benefits of automated ticketing management for high schools can be summarized as follows:

  • There is no chance of ticket orders being lost by forgetful high school students
  • Parents do not need to visit the school to purchase tickets
  • The school does not need to ask parent volunteers to help with sales
  • The whole process can be completed online using credit cards
  • Tickets look professional without the school spending money on production and printing costs
  • Parents can reserve the seats they want
  • The school looks professional and modern in the eyes of the parents, prospective students and the community at large.

With the ease and low-cost of the many ticketing systems available today, there is no reason for any high school to not automate event ticketing.



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