Ticketing News: The Scoop on the Fan Freedom Project

CC Image by Robert Couse-Baker
CC Image by Robert Couse-Baker

Maybe you’ve heard of them, maybe you haven’t. Either way, the Fan Freedom Project is making waves in the ticketing industry. Read on for the full scoop on who they are, what they do, and why it’s relevant to TicketPeak.

CC Image by Marcin Kargol
CC Image by Marcin Kargol

Who are they?

Fan Freedom Project is made up of die-hard live sports and entertainment fans looking to promote fairness and protect the rights of ticket holders. They are a non-profit organization related to StubHub that came into being in February of 2011. The organization is now supported by more than 150,000 fans, and backed by leading consumer and business organizations such as the National Consumers League, Consumer Action, and the Computer and Communications Industry Association.

What do they do?

Fan Freedom Project’s main goal is to work towards changing legislations and promoting activism to protect the basic rights of ticket holders. These rights include the belief that ticket holders own the tickets that they purchase and have the right to buy, give away or sell those tickets however they choose, whenever they choose.

FFP is against paperless ticketing, which claims to protect fans from unfair scalping practices, but FFP suggests that it only provides another avenue for Big Ticket companies to maintain control and profit from any ticket resale at the expense of the ticket holder.

How do they do it?

CC Image by Joe Clay
CC Image by Joe Clay

The Fan Freedom Project aims to “take on “restrictive ticketing practices” through consumer education and government advocacy.” And they’ve been successful! In 2010 changes were made to scalping laws in New York that require the consumer to be given an option of transferable paper tickets. While New York is currently the only state to have this law, there are similar battles being fought in New Jersey, North Carolina, Minnesota and Tennessee.

How does TicketPeak fit into all of this?

TicketPeak provides an easy-to-use, low cost ticketing software system that encourages reasonable (as opposed to excessive) service charges. Our software allows organizations to enjoy the benefits of an affordable, leading software and pass on their savings to their loyal fans.

Furthermore, TicketPeak offers the flexibility for multiple ticket printing options – QR code redemption, print-at-home and box office printing are all available. This means that tickets purchased by your fans are theirs to do with them as they’d like. Fan freedom at its finest!

Where do you stand regarding ticket-purchasing rights? Voice your opinion in the comments below – we would love to hear from you!



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