TicketPeak and the Kansas City Royals: Online Ticketing Systems Done Right

Hot off a World Series run, the Kansas City Royals announced on December 1st that, beginning in 2015, season ticket holders will manage both their tickets and their parking passes online.Michael Bucek, VP of Marketing and Business Development for the Royals, said in a recent release:“We’re always striving to bring our fans the latest technologies. We believe our season-ticket holders will really enjoy the convenience of managing and accessing their tickets online and needing only their smart phone or tablet to enter Kauffman Stadium.”

CC Image by Keith Allison
CC Image by Keith Allison

While more than 50% of the Major League Baseball teams have already adopted similar ticketing practices, we really do love the wonderful perks that the Royals’ new digital ticketing system will offer their fans.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why We Love the Kansas City Royals New Digital Ticketing System:

  • The redemption flexibility that they’re offering their fans. The Royals offer their season-ticket holders two ways to redeem: 1) “Print-at-Home” paper tickets and 2) electronically through their new “At the Ballpark” application for smart-phones and tablets. Furthermore, they are still offering the traditionally issued paper-tickets (for an additional cost).
  • Fans can transfer their tickets electronically…for free. Yes, you read that right. Fans have the convenience and right (as they should) to freely transfer their tickets to friends, family and colleagues. No restricted ticketing practices here!
  • A convenient and easy way to re-sell tickets. Season-ticket holders also have the flexibility to re-sell their tickets on StubHub directly from their online account.
  • An enhanced fan experience. As previously mentioned, the Royals are launching a new smart-phone and tablet app. “At the Ballpark” not only offers fans easy paperless ticket redemption, but also provides integrated social media, exclusive special offers and rewards. (Note: We also love that the Royals have thought pro-actively about how their fans will access this app within the stadium, and will now be providing free Royals WiFi so that fans won’t have to rely on their data plans.)
  • An all-in-one online account. Of course the “My Royals Tickets” accounts allow fans to manage their tickets online, but it also helps them manage their parking passes, make ticket payments and renew tickets. Talk about making it easy for the customer!
CC Image by Tyler Thompson
CC Image by Tyler Thompson

Naturally, here at TicketPeak we can’t help but draw some comparisons between the Royals’ new online ticketing system and our own. Part of the reason we are such big fans of their new system is that it reminds us of TicketPeak! Multiple ticket redemption method options, no restricted ticketing practices, an enhanced fan experience and always trying to better the process for existing and future customers – that’s the TicketPeak way.

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