TicketPeak Virtual Events & Live Streaming

TicketPeak Virtual Events & Live Streaming

In this post we are going to go over some of the steps to settings up a TicketPeak Virtual Events & Live Streaming features. Customers can purchase tickets for virtual events in TicketPeak the same way they would purchase tickets for an in-person event. The virtual event pages can be set up with custom text to show before the event starts, during the event, and after the event has ended. Virtual Event Pages can only be accessed directly from a Virtual Ticket.TicketPeak virtual events support the following  video hosting platforms/services: YouTube, ScreenCast, Vimeo, DaCast, and Zoom. Each video hosting platform has different features that are available within the embedded video player on the virtual event page. A chart of the compatible features can be found at the end of this post.

Creating Your Virtual Event

The first step to creating your virtual event is to upload your pre-recorded video to your video hosting platform (for On-Demand or Premier). For Livestream you will need to review the process on the video hosting platform you are using and obtain the embed code for the future video.Login to your TicketPeak account and click on “Add New Event”.Select “Virtual” as your Event Format. Virtual events can be created in one of 3 different Types:

  • Premier is a showing of a video at a specific time. People cannot access it before then. This type is like a scheduled show on television. There is an option to end the access to the video also. A typical use would be a movie or recorded performance.
  • On Demand: The consumer can view the video when she wants within a specified time window. When the consumer clicks on the event, the video starts from the beginning. A typical use would be training classes.
  • Livestream: A live event. A typical use would be a webinar, a live class, or a performance.

The options on the Add New Event page should look similar to the image below:

Then you will follow through each step and fill in the blanks.  Fields marked with an asterisk are required.One thing to note is that a video’s Embed Code is required to save the event. However, this embed code is not visible to any viewers nor does it display anywhere on the event page. The embed code can be edited at any point before the start of the event. Embed codes can be obtained from your uploaded video’s sharing options dependant on which video streaming platform you are using.Embed codes are not web URL’s. They are specific programming codes. Here is an example of an embed code:

<iframe class="embeddedObject shadow resizable" name="embedded_content" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" type="text/html"          style="overflow:hidden;" src="https://www.screencast.com/users/sabrina2337/folders/Default/media/6c399101-6ea2-40fa-b2fd-34937d477797/embed" height="1080" width="1080" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

For example, in Screencast when you hover your cursor over an uploaded video it shows an arrow for sharing options.

After clicking the share arrow highlighted above. A popup appears with different methods to share including the embed code. See image below.

Copy the Embed Code from your video and paste it into you TicketPeak Virtual Event’s Embed Code field box. Please note that when using some hosting platforms, a “Filename” box will appear to the right of the Embed Code box once the Embed Code is pasted. The complete file name for that video must also be pasted into the “Filename” box as it appears on the video hosting platform/service. See image below.

Most of the remaining setup options are the same as regular in person events. Once you have finished setting up your virtual event, make sure to save your changes.

Selling Tickets for your Virtual Event.

Finally, when your virtual event is setup and listed as Public, then online patrons can purchase tickets in the same manner as regular in-person events. From within the Box Office view as well as the Online view, virtual events are distinguishable by the screen icon that appears to the right of the event name, see image below:

So once a ticket is purchased or sold, the buyer receives a confirmation email with a link to their ticket. Below is a sample of ticket to a virtual event:

Sample Ticket

Every ticket to virtual events has its own unique Access Code. Customers can access the Virtual Event Page by clicking on the orange button on the ticket. Each ticket allows viewing on one device at a time. During the virtual event, the system performs validation checks every 2 seconds to ensure that each access code is only being viewed on one device at a time. If a buyer shares their ticket, they run the risk of not being able to view the event themselves. The most recent device to access the event with each ticket or access code is able to view the event, and any previous devices that had accessed the event with that same code or ticket would no longer have access. This allows a customer to switch devices if they wish to.Prior to the event’s start, the Virtual Event Page shows customers the following information:

  1. The event image (if one was uploaded),
  2. The text that was inputted in the “Message before event starts” field box, and
  3. A timer that countdowns to the start of the event.

See sample image below:

Sample Online Virtual Event Page

Once the event starts the video player will appear in the center of the screen. Depending on the video hosting platform being used, viewers can double click on the video to make it full screen.  If any text was inputted in the “Message During the Event” field, then this will show directly above the video. See sample below:

Sample Online Virtual Event Ended Page

At the pre-set End Date/Time of the Event the player will disappear and the only thing that will display on the Virtual Event Page is the text from the “Message After the Event” input field. The chart below shows the options available by each Streaming/Video Hosting Service compatible with TicketPeak. Click on the chart to view a PDF version.

Login to your TicketPeak account to start setting up your TicketPeak Virtual Events & Live Streaming!



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