TicketPeak vs. Vendini Fees

TicketPeak vs. Vendini Fees

When considering ticketing systems, non-profit theatre or performing arts organizations often consider TicketPeak vs. Vendini. This post compares the fees.TicketPeak’s box office ticketing software offers the lowest fees available for non-profit organizations. The combined ticketing plus payment processing fee is $0.79 plus 4.4%. Vendini’s fees are not listed on their website. So, we tried to decipher Vendini’s pricing by looking at the service fees that are charged by organizations that use Vendini. Clearly, not a perfect science, since the theatre organization might charge their customers a different fee than what Vendini charges them, but perhaps a useful estimate nonetheless.

Service Fees Charged by Vendini Clients

Spot checking a number of service fees being charged by organizations that use Vendini, against the ticket prices, we see the following sample:

Service FeeFee % of Price

Fee Comparison

Taking those ticket prices and showing what TicketPeak would charge shows the following:

FeeFee % of Price

So, on average, the service fees charged by Vendini customers for this sample are 11.4% of the ticket value. That compares to an average of 8.7% for TicketPeak. So, for this sample, Vendini service fees charged are 2.7 percentage points higher.


The fee difference is an estimate, but if it is indeed 2.7 percentage points, that translates to a lot of money. If you take in, for example $300,000 in ticket sales, the difference comes to $8,100. That is significant for most non-profit organizations. That is money that could be spent on other things rather than being given to a ticketing company.



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