Social Distancing Feature

Social Distancing Feature

TicketPeak now has a feature to help you function while providing social distancing security for patrons. When enabled, this feature will automatically block the seats surrounding an order according to criteria you specify.

For example: A family purchases four seats together. The seats to the left and right of those seats can be automatically blocked. You can also automatically block seats in front and behind. The blocked seats are displayed as “Blocked for Social Distancing”. Now with the seats purchased and the surrounding seats blocked, the next patron to purchase tickets will see what tickets are available, and what seats are blocked for social distancing. Ticket buyers can be assured that they will not be sitting next to a stranger.

Follow the instructions below to enable TicketPeak’s Social Distancing Feature on your next or existing events:

1. Login to your account and click on “Setup” from the top menu. Then click on “Seating Plans”

2. Find the seating plan you want to enable social distancing on, click on the drop-down menu, then click on “Configure Social Distancing”. See image below.

3. Follow the instruction on the page to configure the size of the radius you want to enable for social distancing, and which seats to apply to – just the row or the whole radius. You may click on seats in the plan to view a sample. Click Save.

4. Once saved and redirected back to the “Seating Plans” page listing, the seating plans with social distancing enabled will show a secondary icon in the status column for that plan. See below.

5. Next, click on Events from the main menu. The social distancing feature may be used on a new event by clicking on “Add New Event”. You may also use the feature on an already existing event by clicking on an events drop down menu and selecting “Edit Event”.

6. Once you have selected Add or Edit, confirm that your venue is correct for the seating plan you want to use. For a new event follow through filling in each step.

7. In Step 2 choose Reserved Seating, then select the seating plan you enabled the social distancing on.

8. Select “Yes” from the “Auto Distancing drop-down.  Complete the remaining steps if setting up a new event. When done click Save.

9. From the Your Events page, the events that have TicketPeak’s Social Distancing Feature enabled can now be identified by the icon next to the date. Your event is now ready to go!

Now from online when patrons view the seat selection page, they are able to identify which seats are sold and which seats are blocked due to social distancing.

Note: if a seat/ticket is cancelled or “Taken Back” then the blocked seats around it need to be manually unblocked. They do not automatically unblock. This can be done from the Block Seats Page.



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