Tix.com Pricing

Tix.com Pricing

This post is another in our series where we compare prices of other event ticket management software with TicketPeak . Today, we look at Tix.com based on the pricing information on their website.

TicketPeak vs. Tix.com Fees

Tix.com states their ticketing fees for online purchases are $1.00 to $1.50 per ticket. The site does not state what the formula is. So, for comparison, let’s assume the ticketing fee is the midpoint: $1.50. Tix.com’s payment processing fee is 5%.

The fee for using TicketPeak’s box office ticketing software, including payment processing, is $1.04 plus 4.4%.

So, a $50 ticket, for example will cost $2.80 with TicketPeak. Tix.com fees for that ticket including online payment processing, would be $3.25. So Tix.com would cost $0.45 more than TicketPeak. If you sell 2,000 tickets to the event, Tix.com would cost $900 more.

Tix.com fees for box office transactions, without credit card payment processing, are $0.25. If the majority of your sales are box office, rather than online, that may be attractive.

Other Factors

Service Fees: Both companies allow you set and keep your own service fees – the fees that you charge to your customers.

Your Payments: TicketPeak sends you your money as it comes in – two payments per month. Tix.com sends your money one week after your event.

Other Services: Tix.com will ship out physical tickets to your customers for a fee. They can also sell you ticket stock. TicketPeak is not in that business.


If you plan to sell a good portion of your tickets from your box office, rather than having your customers buy online, Tix.com could be cheaper. If most of your orders are online however, there is a significant savings with TicketPeak. Further, TicketPeak sends you your money prior to your event.



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