Twitter for your Performing Arts Marketing Plan: A Little Light Reading

CC Image by Sebastien Wiertz
CC Image by Sebastien Wiertz

As a follow up to a few of our previous posts about Twitter for your Performing Arts Marketing Plan, we’ve decided to provide you with a short list of further reading materials on a few of the subjects we’ve already touched upon in our previous posts.

Getting Started: Twitter 101

How to Start a Twitter Account for Your Business

If you’ve read through our Twitter Basics article and are still feeling a little stumped about Twitter, we highly recommend you check out Sprout Social’s super article on setting up a Twitter Business account. You will find everything you need to know, with step-by-step pictures!

Twitter for Smaller Businesses 

This article is “straight from the horse’s mouth”. Twitter provides a lot of fabulous extra resources for businesses, everything from brushing up on the basics to Twitter Ads. You will even find a downloadable Twitter for Small Business Guide!

31 Twitter Tips: How To Use Twitter Tools And Twitter Best Practices For Business

In this article, Ken Krogue shares some of the best Twitter strategies, tools, and tactics. If you do one of these tips each day, by the end of the 31 days you should be well on your way to using Twitter to build your business or organization’s brand!

CC Image by mkhmarketing
CC Image by mkhmarketing

Attracting the Right Followers

How Not To Get Twitter Followers: Our Top Tips 

We know…you want to learn how to attract the right followers, not repel them! But there’s something to be said for knowing and understanding the Twittersphere faux pas first.

7 Ways to Attract and Engage Followers on Twitter

Donna Moritz of Socially Sorted provides businesses solid, easy-to-follow tips for attracting and engaging new and existing followers to your account and content. This article is really a “must read” for anyone presently building or managing a business Twitter account.

How to Become a Twitter Influencer: Science and Practice

This article is for the more advanced Twitter-user, one that already knows the “ins and outs” of this social media platform. Here you will find almost everything you need to know to identify the two most important types of Twitter influencers and how you can become one.

CC Image by Andreas Eldh
CC Image by Andreas Eldh

We hope that this extra reading will help you further supplement your knowledge of Twitter, and increase your ability to maximize it’s potential within your performing arts marketing plan.

And because we love our readers and customers so much, we’ve also put together a free, downloadable Twitter cheat-sheet – we hope you enjoy it!

Twitter Basics Worksheet



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