Twitter for your Performing Arts Marketing Plan: Attract the Right Followers

CC Image by Widjaya Ivan
CC Image by Widjaya Ivan

Have you decided to create a Twitter account for your performing arts organization? If you’re still on the fence, you might want to check out our previous articles about social media for your performing arts marketing plan (especially this one). Once you’ve created your account and have filled in the basics, you’re ready to start tweeting and looking for followers!

According to inbound marketing software mogul, HubSpot, you should “start by identifying a set of core topics that reflect the interests of people who typically become your customers.” We agree with this sentiment whole-heartedly.


Start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Who am I trying to connect with?
  • Why am I trying to connect with them?
  • What makes these people tick?

Your answers to these questions should help guide your search to connect with like-minded individuals and reach out to present and future customers and patrons. Work with these answers to determine keywords that you can use to search Twitter for users who talk about them often. Follow those people AND aim to tweet about those same topics regularly – it’s all about consistency and regularity.

Try not to get discouraged if you feel like your account is slow to gain traction and attract followers. Niche organizations find it more difficult to build momentum simply because of their smaller customer pool. Remember that quality always trumps quantity.

5 Quick Tips for Attracting the Right Followers:

  1. Do not use an auto-follow application. They are no good, and Twitter will remove you from search results if they suspect you are using one of these applications.
  2. Use your keywords to find your customers and engage in industry-related conversations. You will find followers by reaching out and chatting with like-minded individuals.
  3. Use the recommended lists of “Who to Follow” by Twitter. These lists are created with your interests, followers, and following in mind, so they have are often very relevant to your organization.
  4. Tweet at people instead of tweeting to people. If you are engaging in a conversation and are replying to someone, don’t hit the reply button! You are best to tweet out your response and include an @mention (link to definition). This probably sounds a bit backwards, but it’s your best option at extending your visibility.
  5. Share, share, share! Tweet multiple times each and every day. We really can’t stress this enough. Share quality content that is relevant to your industry and you will attract quality followers. Retweeting related articles and news is a great idea for sparking conversation and staying connected.

We’ll leave you with this fantastic infographic by Cami Bird, Head of Local Success at MarketMeSuite. Stay tuned for more Twitter tips and tools to beef up your performing arts marketing plan!

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