User Types – Transcript

Hi there. This is Jannah from TicketPeak, and today we’re going to be learning about TicketPeak’s different user types. So you would go to setup, and then right here where it says users. And you see I have a few different users right now. We have four different types and we’re going to create the fourth. But first I want to explain the different types. So the main user is the account holder and it can be edited but not deleted, and it has full access to all the functions and reports that TicketPeak offers. Second is an admin. You see I have Taylor Swift as my admin. Can be edited and deleted by the main user, can add new users, has full access to functions and reports like the main user.

And then the last option is sales. And that is usually primarily used by our client’s box office volunteers or employees. And it can be edited or deleted by main or admin users. And it has very limited access to reports. It can mostly sell tickets through the box office or scan tickets at the door using the mobile app. So sales is primarily what someone who needs to check in customers would use. And those are the three that I have.

And then the fourth that I’m going to create is an event operations user. And so that can be edited by the main admin user and it has access to most of the reports, but it does not have access to a few different reports such as accounting, sales, summary, as well as a few others. So generally, if you have someone that’s going to be in charge of your TicketPeak customer service profile, it’s best that it’s usually the main or admin role. But if you need to set up multiple users just for people to check tickets in, then it’s best to use the sales option. But if you want someone to have a little bit of both, then we have the event operations type as well. So to add a new user, you would click right here, add new user, and you just have to make sure that you input the information. So I’m just going to change this to… Have to make sure. You can’t use the same email for multiple roles. So I’m just going to do TicketPeak.

This is a testing account, so this isn’t a real email address. Oh, and event operations. And that’s it. And you can create a password for them and there would be a notification emailed to them that they are a user on the TicketPeak site. So it was successfully created. And yep, that’s how you create a new user on TicketPeak.