We Think Your Performing Arts Organization Needs an Online Ticketing System – Here’s Why!

We recently wrote a post about e-tickets and the reasons why audiences love them; however, we’ve decided to put together a more comprehensive online ticketing system pros and cons list. This list should give your performing arts organization a better idea of the perks and problems that go hand in hand with having an online ticketing system.

Pros of Having an Online Ticketing System

CC Image by Britt Selvitelle
CC Image by Britt Selvitelle
  • Customers will have all (or almost all) of their options presented in a quick glance; this includes sold out shows, available seats, and tiered ticket pricing.
  • Speed! An online ticketing system makes it easy for the buyer to get what they want quickly and with minimal hassle.
  • Reduced costs for you! This is because you are no longer required to cover the cost of printing each and every paper ticket.
  • Reduced costs for your audience members! I don’t know an audience member that doesn’t love a good deal…
  • Double booking or over booking shouldn’t happen in a real-time online ticketing system.
  • Online ticketing systems have the ability to be tied to email addresses, which makes it very easy to inform customers of their booking as well as other events that they might be interested in attending.

Cons of Having an Online Ticketing System

CC Image by hannah k
CC Image by hannah k
  • Box office staff will have to be trained to use the system if you will be in-person or over-the-phone bookings.
  • Speed. It is very easy to click all the way to then end without thoroughly thinking through the transaction. This can lead to hasty decisions and buyer’s remorse. (If you had only given yourself more time to think through those Nickelback tickets!)
  • You no longer have an operator verbally telling your audience members any booking restrictions and penalties if they book online. It is all too easy for people to skip the fine print.
  • Websites can (and will) go down occasionally. Though it is unlikely, purchases and reservations could disappear.

Even with this list of cons, we are still a little biased towards online ticketing systems! Click here if you are interested in learning more about the TicketPeak ticketing system. TicketPeak offers a flexible, cost-effective, user-friendly ticketing system that will help your performing arts organizations reach the next level of elegant professionalism.

Did you find this article helpful? Do you think we missed something? Leave us a comment – we would love to know what you think!

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