What to Consider when Considering Vendini Alternatives

What to Consider when Considering Vendini Alternatives

If you are a theater organization, and you are searching for or have searched for a ticketing system, chances are good for you have heard of Vendini.  It is one of the more prominent ticketing and patron management systems available.  However, there are hundreds of ticketing alternatives out there.  This article discusses things to consider when examining Vendini alternatives.

All-in-One Management Software

Vendini’s website describes it as an “ultimate all-in-one system that streamlines your business and allows you to focus on growth and prosperity.  Indeed it is a comprehensive set of software tools.  It provides an online ticketing system, a patron management CRM (customer relationship management) system, a marketing management system and a fundraising management system.  So why would one consider alternatives?

The most important question is are you looking for patron management CRM, marketing management and fundraising management?  If so, the system should be on your shortlist.  However, if ticketing and box office management is the focus of your search, there are many lower cost Vendini alternatives available.

Cost versus Alternatives

The company does not list prices on its website.  However, one of their resellers lists the following prices: $1.50 per ticket for tickets under $10, and increasing fees depending on the price of the ticket, maxing out at $3.50 for $50 tickets. So, their fees are 7 – 15% of the price of the ticket.

These fees are at the high end of most Vendini alternatives (and about 7 times the cost of our own TicketPeak system). If you sell 5,000 $20-tickets, you will pay $12,500 in a year. If you select one of many Vendini alternatives at say $1 per ticket, you will pay $5,000 – a savings of $7,500 that can be spent on other things.

Bottom Line

As we said, you are getting more features than you get with most ticketing and box office alternatives. Your decision is whether or not you need or want the additional features and functions.

If you’d like help in defining your ticketing requirements, check out our paper: 5 Steps to Selecting Ticketing Software.

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