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Performing Arts Subscription Series: Who Needs Them? Who Buys Them?

Why Do Performing Arts Organizations Offer Subscriptions? There are a number of different reasons that a performing arts organization might elect to offer a theatre subscription series. The second question is Who Buys Theatre Subscriptions? 
Your organization might wish to reward regular attendees for their loyalty, just like Theatre Cambrian. Dale Pepin, chair of the Theatre Cambrian board said that “We implemented it because we felt that regular attendees as Theatre Cambrian deserved a break. These people were attending faithfully, at every show, and we wanted to offer them something in return.” Don’t underestimate the power of giving back to your regular attendees – it makes them feel appreciated, valued and (most importantly) happy!The Belfry Theatre in Victoria, British Columbia, provides a great example for offering innovative subscription series because they offer so many different options! With a total of nine different subscription packages being offered during the 2014-2015 season, they definitely offer something for everyone. Their subscriptions hit multiple price points, address those with specific interests, and even offer special perks such as free childcare for the Sunday Matinee subscription holders!Why Do Audience Members Purchase Subscriptions?In a recent Q&A on Quora, Jason M brought up an important (and very valuable) perk of being a subscription or season ticket holder for a professional sports team.

“I think the main appeal is the ability to lock in at least a certain level of quality in your choice of seat – as a season ticket holder you get to choose before the season – and you can also lock in seats for certain popular games.”

CC Image by 401(K) 2012
CC Image by 401(K) 2012

Honestly, this is a huge perk for purchasing subscriptions to performing arts organizations as well – you get the seats you want at every show! But, depending on the organization and how they decide to set up the subscriptions, there can be other great perks associated with buying a subscription.

Who Buys Theatre Subscriptions? 

Here are a few more perks that we’ve come across that may answer this question:

  • Considerable savings on the purchase price of tickets. While the usual discount range is between 10-15% savings, we’ve seen organizations that offer up to 30% off the single ticket prices!
  • Discounts and savings with local corporate partners. This is a popular option for professional sports teams, such as the Vancouver Giants, but this idea is also trickling down into performing arts organizations. Consider approaching a nearby restaurant to offer a “Dinner and Show” subscription series.
  • Invitations to exclusive “subscription holder-only” events. Again, these are very popular with professional sports teams, but they can also be equally successful with performing arts organizations. Consider private meet and greets with your regular cast members, a special wine and cheese event with a visiting artist, an opening night soiree for cast members and subscription holders, or even access to free (or heavily discounted) tickets.

How Can TicketPeak Help You With Setting Up and Managing Your Subscriptions?

TicketPeak offers a variety of ways for your customers to purchase subscriptions. You have the opportunity to offer online purchase options, as well as at the box office. We also give you the flexibility of having multiple subscription series available with the option of up to five levels of tiered pricing. Finally, we make it easy and convenient for you to set up and manage your subscriptions too!


For more information on how TicketPeak handles subscriptions, please get in touch with us directly.



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