Why our clients choose us

Here are some testimonials from a few of our clients.

Customer Support Awards

“After our first production using TicketPeak, we are more than pleased. The ease of everything was great. Being able to quickly re-print a patron’s tickets at the box office if needed. Everything was top notch! We are very happy that we made the move to TicketPeak.”

online event ticketing platform

Chris L.
Draco Playhouse

“We have found that TicketPeak is very responsive to our unique needs and customer support is always available for further guidance. We were considering 4 separate companies for our Little Theatre. TicketPeak rose to the top because of their willingness to assist our people, speed of implementation, and cost. We chose well.”

best event ticketing platform

John O.
The Little Theatre of New Smyrna Beach

“Excellent customer service! The latest enhancements to the website are terrific. Well thought out, easy to modify, including seating charts, and social distancing option is great.”


Bill T.
PEM School District 2899

“We previously sold tickets in person and over the phone. TicketPeak has streamlined this process so much and freed up precious time. The customer service is great! Whenever I have a question, or something I am trying to figure out, I can simply contact your customer support. Our customer service rep is amazing and always cheerfully answers any of my questions, or fixes any of my problems. Overall this was a wonderful addition to our school events.”

event ticketing services

Robin Y.
Bethany Christian Schools

“We have used TicketPeak as our ticketing vendor for over nine years. As we’ve grown, they have grown with us. When we have a new need, they either show us how to use their system in a new way, or will accommodate their system to meet our needs. The product is very functional and their support is exceptional! Highly recommend them!”


Lesa B.

“Overall, their customer services is leaps and bounds above the rest! TicketPeak’s ease of use is outstanding and they may not have every bell and whistle some of the more expensive ones have, but it is very stable.”

online event ticketing software

Cory M.
Alamo City Performing Arts Association

“This has been a great solution for our theatre group. It’s easy to print registration lists to know who’s coming and how much room we have in the class. Online ticket sales are great. We know when our studio is sold out.”

event ticketing service

Wendy L.
West End Studio Theatre

“The reasonable price is a big draw, but it is also pretty simple to set up events. The upgrade to mobile-friendly version was great. I like that we can upload an image to use on our tickets.”

Childrens Theatre of Elgin

Susan H.
Children’s Theatre Of Elgin

“TicketPeak has made ticket sales so much easier. There is no more cash in the lunch room. It’s easier for parents to get tickets and they seem to find the software more official.”


Sally P.
Hinsdale Central High School

“I appreciate the quick and personal customer service. It’s easy to set up. The cost per transaction is comparable and even lower than similar vendors. There are so many useful options and we hope to use them in the future.”

Stage West Community Theatre

Pamela N.
Stage West Community Theatre

“The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate. I also like having reports printed out before each show. It’s user-friendly for our customers purchasing, and families registering their kids for classes.”

ThinkBIG! Theater Arts, Inc.

Heather T.
ThinkBIG! Theater Arts, Inc.

“We love it! The fees are low, and the customer service is GREAT! Ticketpeak has continuously answered my questions and has even made changes to programming and formatting based on our needs.”

Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre, Inc.

Mason S.
Clearfield Arts Studio Theatre, Inc.

“Practical and useful. Affordable! It doesn’t have too many bells and whistles – necessary tools without distracting clutter!”

Sparkle Theatricals

Alejandra I.
Sparkle Theatricals

“Easy to set up. Easy for customers. It was a great simplification of the process. We especially like not having to handle credit card information and being able to look up seating for those who forgot their tickets.”

Plains Junior Theater

Aaron N.
Plains Junior Theater

“We have used TicketPeak for several years and Love all the functionality. I love that we can print off reports and track payments, This enables us to run our events and performances moe smoothly with volunteers checking tickets.”


Jessica F.
Allen Civic Ballet

“The ease of use for the customer was outstanding and worked well. Also Customer Service was the best on any software I’ve used. I was able to get a human EVERY time.”

Central Midwest Ballet Inc.

Marguerite L.
Central Midwest Ballet Inc.

“The folks at TicketPeak are extremely responsive and easy to work with. The service itself is very easy to use, both for us and for those getting seats.”

Ozark Arts Council

Eric S.
Ozark Arts Council

“After weeks of research, we decided on TicketPeak. We have not been disappointed. Theater goers are thrilled with the ease of buying tickets. I would certainly recommend TicketPeak. We are thrilled.”

Tellico Community Players

Ali D.
Tellico Community Players

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