Eventbrite is a widely known and popular platform for event ticketing. It has gained recognition for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. However, while it is an excellent choice for single events, it may not be the best fit for performing arts organizations who put on events regularly. In this blog post, we’ll explore why performing arts organizations should consider alternatives tailored to your specific needs, and why Eventbrite falls short for performing arts organizations.

Frequency of Events

Performing arts organizations like musical theatres, ballets, and symphonies put on shows regularly and frequently. Eventbrite is primarily designed for one-time or occasional events. This creates inefficiencies when you need to manage and promote multiple events throughout the year.

Repeatedly setting up event details like location, seating plans, and email templates for each event can be time-consuming and inefficient. Specialized platforms for performing arts like TicketPeak streamline this process by allowing you to set up this type of information once and use it for all your events.

Lack of Class Registrations

Many performing arts organizations not only produce shows but also offer classes, workshops, and educational programs. Eventbrite is primarily focused on events and does not provide functionality for class registrations such as prerequisites, instructor names, and class registration lists.

Audition Management

Some ticketing systems designed for performing arts organizations also include the ability to schedule and manage auditions. TicketPeak has had that feature for over six years, and clients love using it. You can schedule individual or group auditions over multiple timeslots and print the audition list.

Unwanted Marketing to Your Customers

Eventbrite has a practice of marketing to your customers. Attendees who purchase tickets through Eventbrite may receive marketing emails suggesting that they create an account to sell tickets to their own events. This can lead to confusion and potential privacy concerns for your patrons.

A better alternative is a system that respects your customer relationships and does not divert them to unrelated events or marketing efforts.

Cost Considerations

While Eventbrite’s high fees may be ok for a single event or sporadic use, the costs add up significantly for performing arts organizations that produce events regularly. Their ticketing fees are $1.79 + 3.7% per ticket. Compare that to TicketPeak’s fee of $0.50 + 1.5% for non-profit organizations. In both cases, credit card fees are separate. In addition, Eventbrite has recently started charging a monthly fee.

Eventbrite will cost you thousands of dollars more for your season.

Advanced Features and Customization

Performing arts organizations often require advanced features like season ticket subscriptions, flex passes and specialized reports. You may also want the ability to even change names of buttons to suit your needs. Eventbrite does not provide these.

Customer Support and Expertise:

Performing arts organizations need to ensure that they are well-trained on the software and the events are set up perfectly. You benefit from platforms that have in-depth knowledge of the industry’s unique challenges and needs. This is where Eventbrite falls short for performing arts organizations the most.


While Eventbrite is a good choice for single events and occasional event producers, performing arts organizations should carefully consider their specific needs. For organizations that produce events regularly, offer classes, and require advanced features, specialized solutions designed for the performing arts industry are a better and more cost-effective choice. These systems are tailored to meet the unique demands of the performing arts, allowing you to focus on what you do best—delivering outstanding performances and educational experiences to your community.