Write an Awesome Subject Line for Your Event’s Next Email Marketing Campaign

CC Image by JASE Group LLC
CC Image by JASE Group LLC

Do you feel like your event email marketing campaign is not as effective as it could (or should) be? Have you considered the possibility that your email subject lines are hampering your ability to achieve great open and conversion rates? Today we will learn How to Write a Subject Line for Theater Email Marketing Purposes.

MailChimp conducted a few subject line studies that provided us with some valuable insight into the reach and impact that a great subject line can make. Their most recent article, which analyzed over 200 million emails, gives us some useful information about subject lines:

  • Open rates ranged from 93% to 0.5%.
  • Personal messages rank at the top of the interest scale, followed by affiliations and news. Therefore these types of emails have high open rates.
  • Newsletters, requests for money, and “too-good-to-be-true” offers rank very low on the interest scale, and thus, also have low open rates.
  • There are certain tactics that companies and organizations use to ensure better open rates.

Today we’re going to help you tackle the tricky task of writing awesome subject lines. We want your next subject line for your event email marketing campaign to be the best yet!

Short and Sweet Will Save the Day

Ideally, your subject line should be 50 characters or less. You’re more likely to entice readers to open your email with a short, descriptive title. Think of allowing the subject line to act as a sneak peak of the email content rather than a tell-all exposé.

CC Image by Wade M
CC Image by Wade M

Tell, Don’t Sell

Those brilliant people over at MailChimp really say it best:

“When it comes to email marketing, the best subject lines tell what’s inside, and the worst subject lines sell what’s inside.”

This idea piggybacks onto our last point about subject line length – be clear, concise, and straightforward. It may sound a little boring…but it works!

Why Not Ask a Question?

This tactic is especially useful if you are helping your readers solve a common problem. This type of subject line is intriguing because it should appeal to your readers’ interests and concerns…and who doesn’t love to receive emails that help them solve a problem!

CC Image by Tom
CC Image by Tom

Make it Local, Not Personal

Including geographical information in your subject lines can help improve open rates. This type of information, such as a city name, helps to signify relevance to your email reader.

For example:

  • Toronto: Ticket Special for “Wicked”
  • Ticket Special for “Wicked”

While both subject lines are under 50 characters and tell us what’s inside, the subject line that includes a location is more appealing because it helps to confirm relevance for your reader.

We also came across this stellar Subject Line Infographic by Litmus that we just had to share:

Infographic by Litmus.com
Infographic by Litmus.com

Thanks for learning about How to Write a Subject Line for Theater Email Marketing Purposes!


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