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Your Box Office System Slow? If So, Your Customers Are Angry!

Your Box Office System Slow? If So, Your Customers Are Angry!

As reported in a previous post, we recently surveyed 200 people and asked about a recent ticket buying experience. We asked several questions about how they felt about the event organizer’s box office system and the overall process for buying and receiving tickets. In analyzing the results, three questions were focused on were:

  1. What did you like about your ticket buying experience?
  2. What did you dislike about your ticket buying experience?
  3. What suggestions do you have for improvements

About half of the respondents had recently purchased tickets online using the venue’s online ticket solution, and about half had made their purchase in-person. (A handful had placed phone orders, but not enough to analyze.) Previous posts focused on the online experience and what people liked about buying in-person. This post outlines the likes dislikes of buying at the box office. (What a downer post!)

What Customers Dislike about Buying in-Person

Although the respondents answered in free text format, most of the answers fell into certain categories. The following chart shows the percentage of respondents who stated a like in each of the summarized categories:

What Customers Dislike about Buying at the Box Office

Not Surprisingly, They Hate Waiting

By far, the biggest disadvantage ticket buyers see in buying in-person at the box office is the waiting in line. 75% of the respondents listed that as their primary dislike. Some of the comments that displayed this:

  • I hate standing in line.
  • Staying in queue is irritating.
  • Very slow system.
  • I waited for 30 minutes under the hot sun.
  • It took us almost half an hour before we could get our hands on tickets.

Other Dislikes

The other dislikes were fairly evenly distributed on things like service fees, actually finding the box office or retail location that is selling the tickets, or having to deal with a third party rather than the event producer itself.  Representative comments here:

  • Ticket service fees are so high.
  • Hard to find the retail outlet.
  • It takes a long time to process the order.


Does your box office system perform slowly? Are there too many steps your box office staff must go through to sell a ticket?  These are questions to ask in light of this information. Alternatively, if you are looking for a new box office system, one of the requirements should be a quick and streamlined process for selling tickets at the box office. Having to spend an extra 30 seconds on each of 100 people in line translates to roughly one hour of additional waiting time for your customers. Look for easy, fast and reliable!

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