Weighing an Eventbrite Alternative: TicketPeak

Weighing an Eventbrite Alternative: TicketPeak

If you are a frequent event producer and you use Eventbrite, you may want to consider the cost difference and additional functionality of TicketPeak’s event ticketing software. This post compares TicketPeak and Eventbrite.

Ticketing Cost

Both companies charge a dollar amount and a percentage amount of each ticket sold. Eventbrite has two standard offerings: Essentials and Professional. The costs, from lowest to highest, are shown below:

  • TicketPeak: $0.75 per ticket plus 1.5% ( with discounts for not-for-profit organizations)
  • Eventbrite Essentials: $0.79 per ticket plus 2.0%
  • Eventbrite Professional: $1.59 per ticket plus 3.5%

TicketPeak is lower cost than Eventbrite Essentials, and drastically lower cost than Eventbrite Professional. We wrote a recent blog post that explores Eventbrite vs. TicketPeak costs in more detail.

A couple of other points about costs: If you use the ticketing companies’ integrated payment processing, with Eventbrite Essentials, you will not receive your money until after the event. With Eventbrite Professional and with TicketPeak, you may receive payouts before your event. Also, Eventbrite is free to use for free events. TicketPeak’s per ticket fee applies even for free events.

Service Fees

Service fees are what you charge your customers. Both TicketPeak and Eventbrite allow you to pass your ticketing and credit card costs to your customers. However, TicketPeak has more flexibility. With TicketPeak, you can charge whatever service fee you want.

Let’s say you’re selling $20 tickets. The cost to you to use Eventbrite Professional would be $2.29. You can pass that onto your customer or not.

The cost to you to use TicketPeak would be $1.05. You can charge your customer $1.05 or any other amount. For example, you could make your service fee $2.29, like you would with Eventbrite, and make a margin of $1.24.

General Functionality

If you need any of the functions identified in the chart below, Eventbrite Essentials gets ruled out. An important restriction with Essentials is the inability to have more than one price level – for example, Adult, Senior, Child.

TicketPeak and Eventbrite Professional allow reserved seating. However, Eventbrite does not have reserved seating capability if you use PayPal or Authorize.net to process payments. Reserved seating is available only if you use Eventbrite Payment Processing. TicketPeak has reserved seating regardless of how you process payments.

Both TicketPeak and Eventbrite Professional allow you to customize your checkout forms and provide detailed sales analytics. TicketPeak was designed from the start for frequent event producers. So functions like recurring events (multiple dates and times of an event) and displaying events in a calendar are second nature. TicketPeak also has a feature where you can upload an advertising image on your tickets, enabling ancillary revenue from your production.


With Eventbrite Essentials, you do not get phone, chat, or email support. With Professional, you do not get training or a customer success manager. TicketPeak provides phone and email support and training for all clients, and all clients are assigned a customer success manager.

TicketPeak does have a restriction about taking on very small clients, however. You must sell a minimum of 2,000 tickets per yer to use the platform. Most of the TicketPeak clients are well beyond that.

Considering a Move?

TicketPeak is currently offering additional incentives to move from Eventbrite. Request a demo to find out if TicketPeak may be right for you.



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